Janklow Raises Diabetes Defense

S.D. Congressman and former Governor Bill Janklow is raising a diabetes defense in his manslaughter trial.

Rep. William J. Janklow (R-S.D.) was speeding and ran a stop sign when his Cadillac struck and killed a motorcyclist in August, Janklow's attorney conceded in court Monday, but the defense argued that the congressman should not be convicted of felony manslaughter because he was suffering a diabetic reaction at the time of the crash.

On the opening day of a trial that could send the 64-year-old Janklow to prison for 10 years -- and end his storied political career -- defense lawyer Edwin Evans told a jury in this quiet prairie town that Janklow "was mixed up. He was confused. . . . This was very likely an episode of low blood sugar due to his diabetes."

Will it work? Probably...first off, he's a legend in his home town. Second, he's admitting the minor misdemeanor charges....speeding and running a stop sign, in hopes of a compromise verdict. He just needs one juror to vote that the state failed to prove a "conscious disregard" of the danger. It will be easy for someone who likes him to say they can't see inside his mind to find the "conscious" element beyond a reasonable doubt. Good strategy.

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