Detainees: Kidnapped for Reward Money

We're pleased to learn that the U.S. plans to release 140 detainees from Guantanamo. On the other hand, we're outraged by this:

According to Time, activities leading toward release of the 140 prisoners have accelerated since the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. It said U.S. officials had concluded some detainees were kidnapped for reward money offered for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters. (our emphasis)

It took the U.S. over two years to figure out that up to 20% of these detainees were total innocents? During which time they were kept in cages without access to families or lawyers?

And this isn't much better.

Slated for release were "the easiest 20 percent" of detainees, a military official told the magazine. It did not identify its source, who said the military was waiting for "a politically propitious time to release them." (our emphasis)

They should have been let go the minute it was determined they were not connected to Al Qaeda or terrorism. Maybe these officials should stand in their shoes--and cages--for a while.

The Time Magazine report is called Inside the Wire.

Security breaches. Suicidal detainees. A legal challenge heading to the Supreme Court. Welcome to Guantanamo.

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