No Love Letters and Michael Jackson Soars to Top of British Charts

District Attorney Nola Foulston of Kansas tells Greta Van Susteren of Fox that she just got off the phone with Michael Jackson DA Tom Sneddon who emphatically said no love letters were seized from Michael Jackson's house. The finding of letters was reported by Diane Dimond on Greta's show last night. We really like Diane, but we think she might be better off flying to Salt Lake to investigate the Osmonds for jaywalking.

Despite the 24/7 media lynching of Michael Jackson the past five days, his new record has soared to number one in the UK. Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher said on tv tonight it's number 9 here, but the new Billboard will come out tomorrow. We're putting it on our wish list.

Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher also reports that hidden cameras recorded Michael Jackson, his make-up artist and Mark Geragos on their plane ride from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara. The plane was rented so it is doubtful the cameras were put there by Jackson. The company that owns the plane says the tape shows Jackson was calm on the ride, conferring with Geragos, and was not freaking out, vomiting, etc. as had previously been reported. The company is trying to sell the videos to the highest bidder.

Update: CNN reports on the accuser's dad.

Update: Article about cameras taping plane ride.

Update: Mother's divorce lawyer said she had only good things to say about Michael as late as April or May.

An attorney who represented the mother of Michael Jackson's accuser in her divorce from the child's father said the family never indicated to him that Jackson had sexually abused the boy. Attorney Michael Manning said Monday he remembers the mother saying positive things about Jackson as recently as April or May. ``'He was really good to us' - that's what she said at the time,'' Manning said. Asked if she had said anything else about Jackson, Manning added, "Nothing bad. ... If it turned sour, I don't know how.''

Update: Mark Geragos fumes over covert taping. He filed for and received a temporary injunction preventing the release of the tapes, which the plane company tried to sell to Fox for a six figure sum.

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