Art Imitates Life

Our good pal, NY criminal defense lawyer Joe Tacopina, made Page Six of the Post today....

DASHING defense lawyer Joe Tacopina, who's made his name representing high-profile clients like publishing guru Judith Regan and Abner Louima cop Thomas Wiese, is copping an eyeful of himself on TV. Script writers for CBS's legal drama "The Guardian" confess they used Tacopina's courtroom charms as the model for their slick lawyer Clay Simms, played by Mark Kiely. "I looked Joe up on the Internet," Kiely tells PAGE SIX. "He's a classic alpha male - knows no fear." Tacopina is flattered by the attention but says, "When do I get my check?"

Update: Joe Tacopina will be guest hosting the Dan Abrams report Wednesday night on MSNBC.

Update: We'll be on with him.

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