Victim-Rights Attorney Files Complaint to Take Jackson's Kids Away Now

This really makes us mad. Gloria Allred has no business in this case. Yet she filed a complaint with child welfare services today asking them to remove Michael Jackson's kids from his home. Doesn't she have enough publicity with her representation of Amber Frey in the Scott Peterson case to sastify her? Is she jealous that Mark Geragos is getting more media time than she is? Gloria, give it a rest. It's none of your business.

Allred has announced she's filed a complaint with the child welfare services in Santa Barbara, seeking an investigation of Jackson. She says that's warranted because of Jackson's previous statements about sleepovers with children, previous sex abuse allegations and an incident in which he dangled his infant son from a window.

Update: Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman responds to Allred's action:

"It is outrageous that she should seek such media attention for her own aggrandizement. She is attacking Michael for her own benefit," Oxman said.

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