Pellicano Won't Cooperate in FBI Probe

Anthony Pellicano, the high-profile LA private investigator, entered prison today to begin serving a likely 27 to 33 month term for possession of illegal explosives. He also got married this weekend--for the fifth time.

Pellicano volunteered to begin serving his sentence today. He pleaded guilty in October to two felony counts of possessing hand grenades and C-4 explosives. He is not scheduled to be sentenced until January.

Meanwhile, the FBI probe continues into whether major Hollywood lawyers who retained Pellicano knew he was illegally wiretapping people on their behalf. Pellicano has refused to cooperate in the probe.

"My clients and the lawyers who hired me are completely innocent," Pellicano said in a telephone interview Sunday night — his first public comment on the investigation since its scope became known. Pellicano's attorney, Donald Re, took part in the interview.

"They did nothing wrong," Pellicano said, referring to his clients and employers. "The government should leave them alone. And me, I'm going to take this punishment like a man. I will not participate in any way, shape or form with this investigation."

Background on the story is here and here.

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