Dennis Miller Leaves Fox for CNBC

Comedian Dennis Miller is jumping from Fox to CNBC where he will have his own hour long news show. It does not appear there was any contract-breaking. Dennis says he hadn't heard from Fox on renewal of his one year contract so he took the CNBC offer.

Nonetheless, Fox doesn't sound pleased with Dennis's decision:

Frankly, when we deal with talent we usually have better conversations before someone leaves," says Kevin Magee, FNC's vice president of programming. "I don't think he'll have as many viewers as he had on "Hannity & Colmes," but we'll figure out some way to fill those three minutes and move on."

Hmm....we can think of lots of liberals who would be glad to fill three minutes of Hannity and Colmes on Friday nights. Liberals? Here's our reasoning: Since the last year belonged to Dennis, who was a conservative, to put it mildly, we hope Fox goes fair and balanced and gives the spot to a liberal for the next year. [link via Atrios.]

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