Update on Bill to Increase Federal Good Time

This just in from the folks at the Federal Prison Policy Project:

We told you that we would find a sponsor for LERA which will increase good time for federal prisoners. We've done that in the House. Now we are orking on obtaining a sponsor in the Senate. Next week we will meet with numerous Congressional members are their staff members to discuss co-sponsorship of LERA. We will find a sponsor in the Senate. We are working round the clock to make increased good time for federal prisoners a reality. BUT we need your help and your financial support! We are doing what you asked us to do now we need you to do something for us. Please make a donation today so that we can continue working to insure that increased good time becomes a reality for the 173,500 federal prisoners.

The Federal Prison Policy Project
Board of Directors

Here's more on the legislation.

[comments now closed. For more information on the bill, visit Federal Prison Policy Project:

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