Conyers Asks Rumsfeld to Reassign Lt. Gen. Boykin

Rep. John Conyers is great sometimes. Like today. Check out Buzzflash which reprints this letter Conyers wrote to Rumsfeld complaining about Lt. Gen. Wesley Boykin's inappropriate religious comments:

While every American has the freedom to speak his mind and express his opinion, it is essential that those who hold high profile, policymaking positions in our government exercise judgment in their public speaking. Lt. Gen. Boykin clearly lacks such judgment. I urge you to reassign or reprimand him; we cannot afford to have such an extremist speaking on behalf of our nation and our military.

Conyers provides more details about Boykin's past statements:

Lt. Gen. Boykin's remarks over the past few years, including remarks that Islamic extremists hate the United States because "we're a Christian nation," that "our spiritual enemy will only be defeated if we come against them in the name of Jesus," that President Bush "is in the White House because God put him there," and that Boykin's "god was a real god and [the Muslim god] was an idol," are disgraceful and wholly inappropriate for a man in his position. These remarks are inflammatory to Muslims in our communities and abroad.

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