Wesley Clark Voices Concern Over the Death Penalty

Wesley Clark is sticking to his guns with respect to his criticism of the death penalty. We continue to be very impressed with him. He'll be in Iowa tomorrow, and we will continue to follow his remarks and report here.

Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark said Sunday he has serious concerns about the way the death penalty is applied and would support a mandatory review of all death penalty sentences.... I’ll tell you, I’m uneasy about the death penalty,” Clark said answering a question ...

“A government like the United States has the right to, in extraordinary cases, take the life of a criminal, but I I don’t like the way the death penalty has been applied in America,” Clark said. “ I think its been applied in an unfair and discriminatory fashion and I think we need to go back and use modern technology and unpack all those cases on death row.”

Clark spoke his mind on other issues as well. He will study legalizing marijuana for medical use, although he opposes decriminalizing marijuana for all purposes.

When asked about marijuana laws, he said he opposes the use of the illegal drug. However, he added that he has talked with people who use it to ease their chronic pain. “They said smoking marijuana helps,” he said. “We need to look at that and make some allowances one way or another.”

On Bush and the War in Iraq:

“It’s a tragic situation we’ve gotten ourselves into in Iraq,” he said, adding that the United States is now obligated to stay there until it is rebuilt and a stable government is in place. He also questioned why President Bush attacked Iraq in the first place when there was no link between the 911 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., and that country.

“All of us knew Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 911,” he said. “The president has got a tough case to make to show that this war was necessary. I don’t think it was.

“I think the Bush administration solves problems backwards,” he said. “What they do is they have a set of preconceived solutions, whether it’s war in Iraq or tax cuts, they’re looking around for some excuse to employ it; they find a problem and then they assert that their preconceived solution fits the problem.

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