Judge Jails Rape Victim for Refusing to Testify

We think this Cincinnati Judge went a little overboard here...he jailed an alleged rape victim for five days because she refused to testify against the man she said raped her. The case doesn't appear to involve an issue of a fabricated complaint. The accuser has said she was threatened and afraid to testify.

In citing the woman for contempt of court last week, [Judge] Dinkelacker said, "If victims don't participate in the system, we don't have justice." The woman, who had missed a hearing as well as the two trial dates, told the judge that neighbors threatened her and her children, calling her a snitch.

Actually, the Judge jailed her for ten days but she's now agreed to testify so he cut it to five.

Wouldn't it have been a better idea for the Judge to order the prosecution to investigate her claim of threats? And, if true, provide protection? The defense lawyer will have a field day cross-examining the accuser now: she'd do anything to get out of jail--even stick to a story that wasn't true.

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