One Millionth Visitor

TalkLeft had its one millionth unique visitor early this morning. We began stat counting on June 22, 2002. There have been 1,611,409 page views in that time.

Unique visitors are not the same as hits. For example, for the month of September, 2003, we've had 89, 111 unique visitors who have made 204,720 visits and viewed 431,961 pages. Hits just for September, 2003 so far number 865, 506.

The blogs and internet news sites referring us the most visitors for the month of September are Atrios, Warblogs.cc, Instapundit, Daily Kos, Buzzflash and Cursor. Thanks, guys!

According to Blogstreet, today we are the 11th most influential blog and the 66th most popular blog.

Most importantly, thanks to all of you who have read and supported this site with words of encouragement, links and donations. Tommorrow is our (the author's) birthday so we feel like hitting one million today is an extra present.

One of our stat programs gave these meanings to the various terms:

Page View - A page view is tracked when a page with the counter on it is fully loaded into the visitors web browser.

Unique Visitor - A unique visitor is defined as a visitor that has not visited your web site in the past 24 hours.

First-time Visitor - A first-time visitor is a visitor that has never visited your website. Visitors that have cookies disabled will also be tracked as a first-time visitor.

Returning Visitor - A visitor is considered to be a returning visitor, if they are a unique visitor and this isn't their first-time visiting your website.

Repeat Visitor - A repeat visitor is a non-unique visitor who revisits (or reloads) your page with the counter on it within the time period that they are considered non-unique (24 hours from their last visit).

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