Philly Ponies Up $1.9 Million to 4 Wrongfully Detained Men

In one of the most expensive settlements in its history, the City of Philadelphia bites the bullet and coughs up $1.9 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit in the "Lex Street Massacre."

Jermel Lewis, Quiante Perrin, Hezekiah Thomas and Sacon Youk - innocent men jailed 18 months awaiting a death-penalty trial - will each receive about $475,000, said Lewis' attorney, David Rudovsky. The amount includes lawyers' fees, which were not disclosed.

....Seven people were killed on Dec. 28, 2000, in a West Philadelphia crack house. It was the deadliest mass murder in the city's modern history. Two weeks later, police arrested the four West Philadelphia men, and prosecutors aggressively pursued the case - even in the face of emerging evidence that others may have committed the murders.

On the eve of the death-penalty trial last year, prosecutors were forced to drop all charges. They later charged four others with the slayings.

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