Will Link for Laptop

My laptop is on its last leg. I spend so much time blogging, I really can't afford to buy a new one. I know from TalkLeft's stats that we have many readers at major computer companies. If one of them would like to send me a new, light-weight laptop (so I can keep blogging when I travel), I'll be glad to write a review and feature it on TalkLeft and give the company a free ad for several months.

Private donations, anonymous or not, also accepted--just click on our wishlist to see -- although any brand will be just fine.

Update: I'm speechless. Absolutely speechless. And that's pretty rare for me. My wish list is showing that someone has bought me the laptop I wanted. I am very, very grateful. Whoever you are, thank you. If you included a note with the order, I will thank you properly as soon as Amazon lets me know who you are. If you sent it anonymously, please know I am in awe of your generosity (and hoping you don't change your mind!)

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