More on Tommy Chong Getting 9 Months in Federal Prison for Selling Bongs

Bump and Update: Did the feds threaten to prosecute Chong's wife or son if he didn't plead guilty? One of the commenters to our post about Chong's guilty plea in May said he talked to Chong and that's what Chong told him.

I spoke with Tommy, he said that, "if he didn't plead guilt that they, the government, was going to charge his son, Paris, and his wife, Shelby."

We've also heard it from a legal source who is unconnected to the case. It's a rumor at this point, but if true, this should be disclosed so the public can learn about such prosecution tactics.

Here's a detailed news report on yesterday's sentencing. Howard Bashman of How Appealing says the Judge used to be a lawyer at his law firm.

From 9/11...11:56 am.

Absolutely outrageous. Tommy Chong, one half of the team Cheech and Chong, was sentenced today to nine months in federal prison because he had a business that sold bongs and drug paraphernalia on the Internet. Chong was one of those rounded up during one of Ashcroft's massive raids in Feburary during his Operation Pipe Dreams. He was the first defendant of 55 around the country to plead guilty. Chong also forfeited $100,000.00. After getting out of prison, he will have to be supervised for another year. He was fined $20,000. At least he was given a voluntary surrender.

This stinks.

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