Air Force Academy Rape Statistics

Dave Cullen of Conclusive Evidence has been following the Air Force Academy rape scandal for over six months, writing about it for Salon, Slate and others. With the news today that a report shows that 12% of the female cadets have reported being raped, Cullen says as horrible as that is, it's really only one of three scandals. The second scandal:

Send your daughter--or yourself--to another university, and your chances for rape are probably even worse. Much worse.

The third scandal? The press has known about scandal #2 and not reported it.

The least-necessary scandal: The press knew about this all through the Air Force Academy scandal all spring. They focused on the horror of dozens of women reporting sexual assault (last I checked the number was up to 56 reported over ten years, including sexual harassment). We should be so lucky that it is only 56. That's a BS number and the press knows it. The number across the country is in the millions.

Dave says:

Watch the press on this story. Watch them fixate on the Air Force Academy, ignoring Harvard, Princeton and everywhere else. Just watch.

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