Advance Warning Alleged in Geoghan Murder

Update: Further information that Druce killed Geoghan at the behest of another inmate, expecting to receive a benefit.

Bump and Update: From the latest Reuters article:

James Pingeon, a lawyer with Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, said a prisoner told him he had tried to warn officers about Druce's plans, but to no avail.

"The inmate told me he heard Druce had planned to stage a hostage taking but that guards dismissed his information," Pingeon said. "We were also told by this inmate that another inmate had paid Druce to attack Geoghan."

Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney has ordered a review of prison policies following the murder of former Priest John Geoghan. This is chilling:

Jim Pingeon, director of litigation for the prisoners' rights group Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, also told the Times another prisoner had tried to warn jailers about the impending attack, but they took no action.

We won't be surprised if it turns out Geoghan was warned as well, and asked for increased protection - and was either ignored or denied it. We hope the prison keeps a record of inmate 'kites' and requests.

Update: Check out Prison Can Be a Living Hell for Pedophiles

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