Kathy Boudin Up for Parole This Week

Bump and Update: Kathy Boudin was granted parole today! She should be out by October, as soon as her parole plans are finalized. We love when the system works.


Kathy Boudin, now age 60, has served more than 20 years in prison for her role in the shooting of a Brinks security guard in New York in 1981. She will have her second parole hearing this week.

Two Nyack police officers and a security guard were murdered during the $1.6 million robbery of an armored car on Oct. 20, 1981, by a group of self-proclaimed revolutionaries. The robbery was at the Nanuet Mall, and the police officers were shot to death at a subsequent roadblock in Nyack.

Boudin pleaded guilty in 1984 to first-degree robbery and second-degree murder in the killing of Brinks guard Peter Paige. She was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison in a court-approved agreement with Rockland prosecutors.

Boudin's supporters say "she played a minor role in the robbery, didn't shoot anyone, is rehabilitated and is no longer a threat to society." Also, in setting the sentence, the Judge noted that he expected her to be paroled.

For the parole system to have any meaning, Boudin should be paroled. Otherwise, the executive branch which decides parole is usurping the authority of the legislative branch which sets statutory parole eligibility dates and the judicial branch, which imposes sentences relying upon the statutory structure.

Here's how you can help. Read the letter written by Kathy and use the form to send your own letter to the Parole Board.

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