Florida Judge Refuses Early Release For Inmate Dying of Aids

This gets our vote for injustice of the day, but it's just noon. Keep in mind the man is in jail only for violating probation in a drug possession case:

A judge has denied a request from a drug offender dying of AIDS to be released early from jail to spend his last months with his family.
Jean Felix, 41, was sent to jail until Sept. 5 for violating probation in a drug possession case. But doctors say he will die in anywhere from a few days to two months.

The defendant's lawyer made the request at the suggestion of the jail. The prosecutor didn't oppose it.

If you live in Florida, remember this Broward Circuit Judge's name: Cheryl Aleman. This decision apparently is typical of her rulings:

Since joining the bench in January 2002, Aleman has been criticized twice by the Fourth District Court of Appeal for decisions in dependency cases in which the appellate court found she was too strict with her rulings.

Maybe a law student or other person with Lexis access will post some details of those prior rulings. If we get the time, we might as well. We're curious --are Florida judges elected? Do they face retention by election?

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