Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter made good on his promise five months ago to bring in Max Factor Heir Andrew Luster.

He's an ex-felon turned muscle-shirted, leather-pants-wearing, born-again Christian bounty hunter. The motto of his Honolulu-based company: "From 18 to 80 Blind crippled or Crazy If they can't walk or crawl we'll Drag Em Back."

We remember when Dog first hooked up with motivational Guru Anthony Robbins. Robbins lived in Hawaii and Dog went out there and fell in love with the place. What does Robbins think about Dog now?

"Dog's a genius at the practical side of humanity, especially when it comes to understanding the criminal mind," says Anthony Robbins, world-renowned motivational speaker who talks highly of the bounty hunter's abilities in his book Awaken the Giant Within. "He's the best in the world at what he does."

Dog says he ain't no role model but Robbins disagrees:

In fact, he allowed his son, Joshua, to spend many summers under the bounty hunter's wing simply because he found Dog to be a fine example. "What makes him so special," Robbins adds, "is that he has the mind-set to convert these criminals to a better life. Itss as if hess here to serve a greater good."

How does someone become a bounty hunter anyway?

Chapman says he first worked as a bounty hunter in 1979 after serving 18 months of a five-year sentence in Texas. A leader in a motorcycle gang called the Devil's Disciples, he was convicted for his role in a fatal shooting that took place during a drug deal.

When Chapman was fresh out of jail and owing child support, a judge said he would make a payment toward the debt if Chapman could bring back a fugitive authorities were seeking. Chapman found his man and was hooked.

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