Blogiversary - Our's

Sunday is the first anniversary of the conversion of TalkLeft to a blog. Here is our first post.

Thanks to all of you who have read TalkLeft this year and written about it. We've had 625,000 visitors, and 1 million page views.

Just today we were notified by our hosting company that our bandwidth must be increased to 5 GB a month and our server space to 300 mg. We're not sure what those numbers mean (only what they cost)-- but we take it as a sign our popularity is increasing. So we're glad.

We also have some special thanks to extend: Daily Kos for the site design of TalkLeft--Kos spent an untold number of hours creating the site in MT so we could leave blogger behind; Eric Alterman of Altercation and Instapundit for mentioning us very early on and frequently enough to get noticed; Atrios for sending loads of hits our way.

And Cursor, Media Horse, Buzzflash, Tapped and Common Dreams for linking to us on their excellent sites.

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