U.S. Military Investigating Iraqi POW Death

The U.S. military is investigating whether U.S. troops are responsible for the mystery death of an Iraqi POW.

One military official said tonight there were indications of "foul play" in the death of a 52-year-old Iraqi whose corpse was found last Friday at a prisoner camp run by the First Marine Division near Nasiriya.

The official emphasized it was unclear whether American soldiers, other prisoners or something else was to blame, and that a preliminary autopsy was inconclusive.

British authorities are investigating the deaths of two Iraqis under British control, and accusations that British forces tortured Iraqi prisoners.

It is unclear whether, "whether the prisoner's illness or injuries were related to the interrogation or whether other prisoners, suspecting he had cooperated with the Americans, may have attacked him. "

Here's more. And here's the press release from Headquarters, United States Central Command.

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