Florida Judge Authorizes Abortion for Mentally Disabled Woman

"A judge authorized doctors Friday to perform an abortion on a 28-year-old disabled woman who has the cognitive skills of a 4-year-old."

"Circuit Judge Arthur Rothenberg allowed doctors to do a tubal ligation so the woman cannot become pregnant again. He also ordered doctors to take a DNA sample from the nearly 6-month-old fetus to help identify the father. Police believe the woman was likely raped more than once.
The woman's lawyer said she appeared to be pleased with the ruling. ``She can't verbalize much of anything, but you can see by her actions that she is happy,'' said attorney Lewis H. Fogle Jr."

This is the second such case in Florida in recent weeks. In a case involving an Orlando woman, Gov. Jeb Bush made headlines by calling for a guardian to be appointed for the fetus.

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