Two Inmates Choose Death by Firing Sqaud

Utah still retains the firing squad as a means of execution, and two death row inmates have recently chosen it over lethal injection, according to Pravda.Ru. The reason? To ridicule the system.

On schedule to die are Troy Kell and Roberto Arguelles. Arguelles will be shot June 27 and Troy next day. Both men have chosen to stop any pending appeals and to die the rough way.

It is not uncommon that prisoners on death row take that course. Earlier this year, Earl Bramblett was executed in the electric chair of the state Virginia. He could have chosen to drift into sleep on the execution gurney, will death be pumped in his arm by an injection needle, but went out in a blaze of electricity to state his innocence. Other motives for preferring a terrible death like hanging on the gallows, the firing squad or the electric chair are simply a call for attention, the hope that its cruelty will lead to a stop of execution or even a pardon or even to brag in public about how tough someone is. And sometimes, it can be asked, it may not be clear to the condemned was he is choosing.

How does it work?

....They will be strapped to a chair in dark clothing. Five men or women, mostly peace officers of the district the murders occurred will take aim and fire four bullets and a blank in a human body. Death will be instant, if the aim is all right.

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