Roman Colosseum Lit For George Ryan

Former Illinois Governor George Ryan is in Italy, campaigning for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty. The Roman Colosseum was lit up in honor of his visit. From the Hands Off Cain newsletter:

The Italian capital city’s most famous landmark was brightly lit last night to mark a visit by former Illinois governor George Ryan. Rome has been illuminating the gladiator’s arena every time a positive development in the fight against the death penalty worldwide occurs since 1999. The Colosseum first shone for Ryan in January 2000 when he announced a moratorium on executions and a second time on January 11 this year after he announced the commutation of the death sentences of 167 people on the Illinois death row and pardoned four others.

Ryan, in Italy to campaign for a worldwide moratorium on executions, on Monday became an honorary president of Hands Off Cain, that first launched this campaign on an international level in 1993.

[Thanks to Rev. George W. Brooks, Director of Advocacy for Chicago's Kolbe House for the tip.]

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