Teens Being Held At Guantanamo

The U.S. has acknowledged that three teens, ages 13 to 15, are detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The Government says they did not know the youths were teens until after a medical examination.

Could the youths be the sons of Khalid Mohommad, who were seized in Pakistan following a raid? The ones the U.S. first denied, and then admitted, removing from Pakistan and flying to a secret location in the U.S. where they could be interrogated about their father? Reportedly, Mohammad's sons were only 7 and 9 just a few months ago--so we sure hope it's not them. This Guardian article, however, reports "Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson, a US military spokesman... would not say how old the youngest prisoner is. Then again, today's Guardian article has Lt. Johnson saying they are 13 to 15. Sounds like some dissemination may be at hand.

Whoever the three teens are, officials confirm they are being interrogated. "There is no automatic assumption they will be released because of their age." Human Rights groups are outraged.
That the US sees nothing wrong with holding children at Guantanamo and interrogating them is a shocking indicator of how cavalier the Bush administration has become about respecting human rights," said an Amnesty International spokesman, Alistair Hodgett.
Amnesty International issued a press release Wednesday calling for the immediate release of the children.
"The detention of children in these circumstances is particularly repugnant and flouts basic principles for the protection of children under international law."
In other Camp X-Ray news, 20 detainees are being housed in a special unit due to repeated suicide attempts. The U.S. says many were mentally ill before being captured. The Guardian reports there have been 25 suicide attempts.

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