Sunday Blogging

Natasha at The Watch says Mac Diva will no longer be posting there. No comment yet over at Mac Diva's blog, Mac-a-ron-ies.

Calpundit has had a bloglift and is now at its own home, so change your bookmarks. The site has also added a comments feature. Nice, Kevin.

Chris Allbritton of Back to Iraq is headed home. His farewell post is here.

Instapundit has details about new opposition to the Patriot Act. At a rally in Utah, protesters called for Sen. Orrin Hatch to "resign from office for turning his back on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

Soapbox Canyon, an Arizona blog, tells us about the suspect arrest of Laro Nicol, a Phoenix peace and justice activist and crusader against police brutality, on an explosives charge. Gail Davis has emailed us the links to several articles on the arrest, including this from IndyMedia. Many are charging that he's a political prisoner.

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