Mohammed and Binalshibh Connection

Sunday night we posted that we thought Ramzi Binalshibh had cooperated with his interrogators in a foreign country and ratted out Khalid Shaikh Mohammed . This article in Monday's Washington Post agrees and describes how it happened. Time magazine has a different version.
Sources tell Time that agents had been led to his hideout through the earlier arrest of an Egyptian in Quetta who had been in contact with Mohammed. Neighbors, wary of the lone Arab who appeared in their working-class area, tipped off the police, hoping for a reward. Phone records led them to Rawalpindi, where investigators say Mohammed had been hiding for 10 days before his arrest.
The London Sun shares Time's view and has an article describing the neighbor informant and the 17 million pound reward money he is receiving, saying he chose to relocate to Leiceister in England over going to the U.S. And that Osama has put out a contract on the informant.

It's difficult to reconcile such inconsistent versions of what led to Mohammed's capture. And on the topic of Mohammed's interrogation, we've seen articles announcing there would be no torture; there would be psychological torture only;and they would stop just short of torture.

It seems like there is some dissembling going on.

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