Bush's Theology

Devra over at Talk A Blue Streak says she's getting paranoid about things. Here's a sample of her concerns:
We have a President who embraces Fundamentalist Christian theology as a guide to governing in Foreign Policy. And who rejects 'Christian Charity' as a guide to governing in Domestic Policy. We have a Commander In Chief who is knowingly driving our government into bankruptcy. What does this add up to? A president who seeks to undermine us. I'm not inclined to paranoia - I'm just paying attention.

If you are a Fundamentalist Christian, you are probably perfectly comfortable with the idea that the government should be 'Faith Based' - provided that Faith is a Christian, Bible-centered one.

But how is this any different from the many 'Faith Based' Muslim nations of the world? The Taliban does come to mind, here, as does Saudi Arabia.

We are a secular nation. That is our strength. Why do we sit by, afraid to ask questions of a president who seeks to turn this into a bankrupt Christian nation. I wonder, what do Christian militias think of George W. Bush? Do they think he's on the right track? Bankrupt the Federal government, strengthen private industry, weaken labor, turn over social services to churches, privatize privatize privatize ... what's next? Dismantle government, and the individual protections it promises. Good god. It's like I'm living the prologue of a dystopian science fiction novel. And then there's the War.
And after that, the Moonies. Go read, and let her know she's not alone in her anxiety.

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