Cal Pundit Searching for the Right Look

Kevin Drum, also known as CalPundit has a new photograph of himself up on his weblog. This one is the best yet. His eyes are open and he's smiling. Wearing jeans with a button down collared t-shirt. no socks (we hope) and mocassins. Direct look in his eye. Ready for fun or adventure, take your pick. The young, preppy law-school look is gone. If we had to guess his occupation, we'd say....private investigator, former cop. Decent guy who can deal with the low-down without sinking into it himself. He sure is tall though, we'd guess 6/4. The kind of guy you'd want around if you were walking around too late at night and were about to get mugged and needed a savior. Kevin, I think this photo is a keeper. You even look smart.

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