Interview with Rosenthal Jurors

Two jurors in the Ed Rosenthal trial were on Connie Chung tonight. They were mad. Connie asked one, "Who's the culprit?" The very articulate female juror replied, "The system, the federal government, the DEA." She added that Ed should get a new trial and that the jury should be presented with all of the evidence as well as their options. She said they thought they had no option but to consider only the Judge's instructions and evidence presented. We think she was talking about jury nullification--the principle that the jury has the right to vote not guilty if they disagree with the law.

The male juror, who served as foreman, said he was "angry beyond belief" when he found out that Ed had been licensed by the City of Oakland to grow the marijuana and that it was for medical use. He said he was "embarassed, humiliated" that his name appears at the bottom of the verdict form.

Another criticism of the Rosenthal case is at GlennReynolds.com:
Meanwhile, the Ashcroft Justice Department — which I thought was supposed to be protecting federalism, and chasing terrorists — needs to explain why it’s wasting time and tax dollars chasing people who are no threat to anyone, and who are doing things that are legal under their own state’s laws. I’m waiting. . . .
The San Francisco Chronicle on what you can do if you are upset about the verdict:
Contact your elected representatives in Sacramento and Washington and encourage them to reconcile this conflict in state and federal drug laws -- and in the meantime, to find a structured way for the desperately ill to obtain medical marijuana with a doctor's prescription.
Update: The transcript of the CNN interview is available here.

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