HAW: Historians Against the War

The American Historical Association met in Chicago in January. Historians from more than forty colleges and universities agreed to form a new national network, " Historians Against the War." A committee was appointed to draft the following statement, which has been circulated for other historians to sign.
We historians call for a halt to the march towards war against Iraq. We are deeply concerned about the needless destruction of human life, the undermining of constitutional government in the U.S., the egregious curtailment of civil liberties and human rights at home and abroad, and the obstruction of world peace for the indefinite future.
Nearly 1500 historians of all sorts have signed the HAW statement, and a press release on the statement has been widely distributed.

They are forming their own contingencies to march on Feb. 15 - 16 as part of the United for Peace protests. If you are a historian, or even if you aren't, go check them out. This is great grass roots stuff.

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