Action Alerts on Ed Rosenthal

Bump and update:
Received this today from our friends at the Marijuana Policy Project:
Please visit us for news coverage. And, more importantly, please use this Web page to fax a pre-written letter to your three members of Congress. The whole process of typing in your address and selecting a pre-written letter takes less than two minutes. We here at the Marijuana Policy Project are trying to build on the momentum from California and New York to persuade dozens of members of Congress to introduce legislation to remove the "gag" that the government is placing on medical marijuana defendants in federal court. But our lobbying efforts will not be successful if members of Congress do not hear from their constituents. Would you please visit our action page today?
If there's anyone reading who isn't already familiar with Ed Rosenthal and his conviction for pot cultivation last week, start here, then go here, or do a google search. Also, Green-Aid continues to have the most comprehensive coverage, including daily trial reports, beginning here and working backwards.

Update: Here is NORML's Action Page from which you can send a letter about medical marijuana to your elected officials as well.

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