GOP Strategists Assess the Democratic Contenders

GOP strategists are "closely scrutinizing the Democratic field and researchers for the Republican National Committee are preparing attack strategies."

Here's how their current assessments pan out:

"-Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is an "ultraliberal" who supports civil unions of gay couples and wants to roll back Bush administration tax cuts to support "budget-busting" universal health care.

-North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is a lightweight who has accomplished little and is "a captive of the trial lawyers," since he made his fortune in that profession.

-Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt is "a keeper of the liberal flame" whose appeal with voters fell short in four attempts to win control of the House of Representatives and in a 1988 presidential run.

-Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is a direct descendant of 1988 Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis, a governor of the same state.

-Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman is failing to stick with his centrist, moderate policies as a senator, reverting to the adjustments he made in 2000 to fit in with Al Gore's liberal, populist presidential campaign.

-The Rev. Al Sharpton is a welcome addition to the field because his attacks from the left will pull all the Democratic candidates toward the left - "

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