Hillary and the Armed Services Committee

Tim Russert agrees with us that Hillary is gunning for 2008:
Meet the Press anchor Tim Russert on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY): "Last week, she secured a position on the Senate Armed Services Committee, a very important strategic move. ... Democrats are unable, unwilling to tackle national security issues, afraid of being labeled as something less than strong or forceful. For the next six years, you'll see Hillary Clinton with the secretary of defense, cross-examining generals visiting military bases here and around the world. And when people suggest that she doesn't have the credentials to run for president of the United States, she will counter, 'I've been on the Armed Services Committee for six years.' It was a very small maneuver. Wasn't paid much attention to. But it was very significant for Hillary watchers. There are a lot of people who want to be president. There are an awful lot of people who don't want to be president. She's positioning herself to run in 2008."
Link via Political Wire.

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