The Anti-Rave Act Resurfaces

Don't miss Instapundit Glenn Reynolds and Dave Kopel in Feel Like Dancing? over at NRO today on Tom Daschle's sneaky attempt to pass the anti-Rave Act--by calling it the Crack House Statute Amendments and burying it in a terrorism bill called "Justice Enhancement and Domestic Security Act of 2003" (S. 22). Here's a taste:
The Daschle bill extends the federal "crackhouse law" — which makes it illegal to maintain a building for purposes of drug consumption — to cover musical performances and other events of a temporary nature, and to make liable even those who make their premises available at no charge. The idea is to make the promoters of musical events liable for drug consumption at those events — even when the consumption is entirely incidental, and has nothing to do with any action by the promoters. The legislation is, in effect, an admission of failure by the Drug Enforcement Agency: Unable to control drug use, it's looking to force concert promoters and theaters to do it, on pain of imprisonment.
The potential prison term: Up to 20 years.

We've also written about this in detail here.

P.S. We're behind on our news update on the left side of TalkLeft, we'll get to it this afternoon. And if you're watching the "Shoe-bomber" sentencing today at 2pm EST, we hope you will watch it on Fox News--we'll be there.

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