"Shoe-Bomber" Richard Reid Sentencing is Tomorrow

The sentencing for "shoe-bomber" Richard Reid, who intended to blow up an American Airlines commecial flight in December, 2001 by lighting a match to an explosive in his shoe, is set for tomorrow at 2pm EST.

The range of his sentence will be between sixty years and life. We doubt anyone will be suprised if he gets life. It's very possible his lawyers may not ask for less. Reid will likely serve his time at Admax (the Supermax prison) in Florence, Colorado.

We think this case shows that our criminal justice system is well equipped to handle terror cases. There is no need to keep the suspects in military custody, cut off from lawyers --or to try them in military tribunals. Reid pleaded guilty to all counts and received no promises of leniency or other sentence concessions. This is a case we don't have a lot of complaints about. Reid had excellent counsel and a U.S. District Court Judge.

True, his conditions of confinement were a little too strict for our First Amendment sensibilities (denying him a radio, for example, and only allowing him censored copies of Time Magazine), but all in all, this case shows how adaptable our criminal justice system can be.

We'll be providing legal analysis of the proceedings live on Fox News Channel, between 2 and 3.

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