Largest War Protest Since Vietnam

The Denver Post is calling it " the largest war protest since Vietnam"--in huge letters, on the front page. Good for them.

Intervention Magazine has this first hand account by senior editor Regis T. Sabol, which begins:
From the grounds in front of the US Capitol, on the Mall, a sea of a quarter million Americans -- regardless of the number that the networks are reporting -- braved biting cold under a beaming sun to oppose the Bush regime's plan to invade Iraq "any day now." They came in fleets of buses, from cities large and small, from north and south, east and west. Twenty-five buses came from Brooklyn alone, with another 50 from the Big Apple itself. Minneapolis boasted a caravan of 45 buses while tiny Rhode Island had 15 buses, all carrying protestors to the Capitol. One bus traveled north from Gulf Port, Mississippi picking up passengers along the way in Alabama and delivering them to the center of resistance in the nation's capital.....

Here is the New York Time's account.

The Chronicle has this report of events in San Francisco. Check out this picture of the crowds. And here, in their own words, the protesters sound off on Bush.

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