The Demise of the Rave Arrests

Law Professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) devotes his new MSNBC blog today to the demise of the Rave arrests in Racine Wisconsin. He includes some very informative links--including our's to the new anti-Rave bill introduced as part of Tom Daschle's Homeland Security Bill, S. 22, in the new Congress. The time to begin opposing this bill to your congresspersons, loudly, is now.

And check out the police chief's comments :
Racine Police Chief Dave Spenner spoke to his officers about the citations being dropped Thursday and released a statement to the public.

"The safety of this community is paramount in the eyes of city of Racine police officers," Spenner said. "I am disappointed we did not have the opportunity to present this case in court in front of Municipal Judge Weber, but will support the decision made by the city attorney.

"This situation does not slow police resolve to keep this community free of illegal drug use, and we will continue to faithfully discharge the responsibilities we have. It is our mission to keep neighborhoods safe and not expose one person to the risks of another's impaired judgment or driving ability."
(from our friend Pete Karas over at Progressive Racine Blog who is running for a seat on the Racine City Council--we hope he makes it)

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