Air Force Doctor Sings the Praises of Speed Pills

Back to the court martial trial of the American Air Force pilots who accidentally bombed Canadians last year in Afganistan while taking speed pills(dexedrine) to combat fatigue: An Air Force physician took the stand today and defended the pilots' use of speed.
An Air Force physician sang the praises on Thursday of amphetamines used by two U.S. fighter pilots who bombed a Canadian infantry unit in Afghanistan, saying fatigue, not ``speed,'' kills. Col. Pete Demitry of the Air Force Surgeon General's office told reporters that Dexedrine, which the Air Force provides for pilots making long flights, was a life saver, not a dangerous drug that distorts judgment as attorneys for pilots William Umbach and Harry Schmidt have argued.
Ok, it's not a dangerous drug that distorts judgment. It increases alertness. It prevents fatigue. So why can't everyone else have it without risking a jail sentence?

Seems to us, what's good for the goose....

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