Homeland Security Loses Round in Court

A federal court has denied a motion by the Office of Homeland Security seeking to keep its activities private . The Court ruled that the agency must answer questions about its operations and activities.
The Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center last March requested Office of Homeland Security records on proposals for standardized U.S. driver's licenses, records associated with a ``trusted-flier'' program and other proposals concerning biometric technology for identifying individuals.

The Office of Homeland Security sought to have the case against the office and its director Tom Ridge dismissed, arguing that it could not be subjected to the Freedom of Information Act information requests because it was not an agency and that its sole function was to advise and assist the president.

Judge Kollar-Kotelly's ruling granted the Electronic Privacy Information Center's (EPIC) request to obtain information that would establish the status of the White House Office of Homeland Security.
You can access the full text of the opinion here. You

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