Privacy Right in Garbage

Update on our post about an Oregon judge invalidating a gargage search under the Oregon state constitution: (from the comments section of the post):

"Knowing this particular officer, and as a Medically Retired Officer from the same Bureau, I am very glad that Judge Maurer made the correct decision in this case."

"What wasn't printed in this article, nor in any others was the fact that the police actually "stole" her garbage can from her own property, NOT from the public right of way. The Drugs and Vice Officers that testified during the pre-trial motion hearing not only contradicted each other, but they contradicted themselves!"

"All of the drug tests came back negative. The DNA tests conducted on the "snort" straws proved that Hoesly's DNA was NOT on the straws."

"It's amazing that they can actually obtain a search warrant based on someone's unsubstantiated word, and an illegal garbage pull (of which anyone, including the police, could have planted objects inside)."

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