South Africa Okays Extradition of Former SLA Member

South Africa has agreed to extradite former SLA member and long time South Africa resident and teacher James Kilgore to the U.S. to answer to charges of murder and bank robbery pending in California. Kilgore has been a fugitive for some 27 years.

Four of the other charged former SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) members, including Sara Jane Olson, formerly Kathleen Soliah, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder in the bank-robbery case. The plea bargain avoided possible sentences of life in prison, if they were convicted at trial.They will be sentenced in February and are expected to receive six to eight year prison terms.

"The same deal was offered to Kilgore, 55, who admitted his true identity and did not resist arrest. His lawyer, Michael Evans, said last month Kilgore had agreed to a plea bargain on the murder and robbery charges."

A spokesperson for Justice Minister Penuell Maduna said the deal was a key factor in agreeing to the extradition.

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