MADD: Their Real Political Agenda

Instpundit reports on MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) today. We thought we'd contribute a link to this site, DUI Gulag which takes MADD on front and center. From their home page:

"Despite what MADD propaganda would have you believe, in 1996 only .0000143 percent of the American population was killed in so-called "alcohol related" motor vehicle accidents where someone had a blood alcohol content as high as 0.10% . Government statistics indicate that each year more people die as a result of accidental drowning in America than die in low BAC related motor vehicle accidents. A recent study at a major U.S. university found that low BAC drinking drivers pose far less danger to public safety than do non-drinking drivers who have sleep apnea. In fact, your chances of being killed as a direct result of medical malpractice is 28 times higher than your chances of being killed in a motor vehicle accident involving a low BAC driver.

Despite the extremely low statistical threat to public safety posed by low BAC drinking drivers, more than 600,000 low BAC drivers are arrested and convicted for "drunk driving" in America each year.

Once arrested these otherwise law-abiding citizens are subjected to imprisonment; forced to pay huge fines and court costs; forced to pay the costs of probation; suffer unjust property forfeitures; forced to attend political re-education camps; subjected to psychological testing; forced to engage in involuntary forced labor; suffer government sponsored public humiliation; suffer the loss of driving privileges; suffer loss of respect for the courts and their government; suffer the loss of their jobs; their self esteem; and the destruction of their families.

This unfortunate state of affairs has been foisted upon America by an anti-alcohol, political action organization known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD)."

Then read about MADD's "Real Political Agenda" and about MADD's Tax Exempt Status.

We're in court for the rest of the day, but we posted up a storm yesterday to give you all plenty of new material. We hope you read our entry on the death of lying lab chemist Fred Zain.

Update: NACDL media director Dan Dodson thinks we've missed the point on Madd and the real consequence/motivation behind the lowering BAC requirements. "The insurance industry likes the high-risk premiums that result--usually about four times regular rates. And no one can afford more than the minimum liability limits, so the victims of DUI convicts' later mistakes, DUI-related or not, have a minimal pool of insurance money for compensation."

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