NORML Questions Feds' Proposed Pot Crackdown

The National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, also known as NORML, reiterates its stance against driving while impaired by pot but Questions Feds' Proposed Crackdown On "Drugged Driving."

"This plan advocated by the Drug Czar would result in the unfair arrest of tens of thousands of unimpaired motorists each year," NORML Head Warns"

"While driving under the influence of pot is never acceptable, neither is it sound public policy to treat sober drivers as if they are impaired simply because inactive marijuana metabolites may be detectable in their blood or urine, said Keith Stroup, Executive Director of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Stroup's remarks were in response to this week's launch of a new federal campaign to prosecute drivers who test positive for any presence of marijuana, including inactive metabolites that can remain present in the body for days or even weeks after past pot use."

By the way, if you are a criminal defense lawyer or wannabe, NORML is having its annual continual legal education program Dec 5 to 7 in Key West at the Pier House. Go here for details.

We'll be there speaking on the topic "Everybody's Listening: Changes and Updates to Electronic Surveillance After the USA Patriot Act."

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