FBI Surveillance Tactics

We just came across this very descriptive Associated Press article on how the FBI has been conducting secret FISA searches up until now.

Ashcroft has promised, and we believe him, that far more of these clandestine searches will be coming in the future, now the Government doesn't need to show probable cause that we've committed a crime or even allege that we are involved in terrorist activity to bypass the federal courts and get a FISA court order to spy on us.

Some things the FBI has done in the past:

"Broken into homes, offices, hotel rooms and automobiles. Copied private computer files. Installed hidden cameras. Listened with microphones in one couple's bedroom for more than a year. Rummaged through luggage. Eavesdropped on telephone conversations.... pried into safe deposit boxes, watched from afar with video cameras and binoculars and intercepted e-mails. They have planted microphones, computer bugs and other high-tech tracking devices."

We can only wonder what new techniques the clever feds will come up with now that they know they have practically unbridled power to snoop on all of us.

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