Ujaama's View of an Islam State

Remember James Ujaama, the man arrested in Denver and charged in Seattle with materially supporting a terrorist organization for allegedly scouting for a terrorist training camp in Oregon?

"The Seattle Post Intelligencer today offers clips from a video detailing Ujaama's vision for Islamic state :

"Seattle terrorism suspect James Ujaama envisioned a perfect Islamic state, where believers could live separately from Christians and Jews, attend military training camps, and where homosexuality and pornography would be outlawed."

"The place: Afghanistan."

"There are many Muslims who have forgotten that the Jews and Christians are our enemies," Ujaama says in a 2-½-hour video obtained by The Seattle Times, small portions of which were recently revealed on the Internet."

"The video, shot sometime before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, gives the first public glimpse into Ujaama's beliefs as told in his own words, and tells of at least one of his trips to Afghanistan. It also provides a look at his association with Abu Hamza, whom federal prosecutors in the United States have targeted for indictment on terrorism charges."

"At least one thing Ujaama says, however, casts doubt on an assertion made by prosecutors: that Ujaama traveled to Afghanistan to attend an al-Qaida training camp. In the video, Ujaama doesn't say why he went, but he states he did not attend jihad training. "I wish I had," he says. "

Ujaama's lawyer, Peter Offenbecher, says the video is consistent with Ujaama's claim that he went to Afganistan for charitable purposes: to deliver laptops to a girls school. "Ujaama asserts in the video that it was a myth that women were oppressed under Taliban rule and received no education. "

Offenbecher said the government has produced no evidence so far that Ujaama went to Afganistan to receive jihad training.

[we found the article on Instapundit-- he's on a roll today.]

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