Wrongfully Convicted Cruz Seeks Pardon

Wrongfully convicted former Illinois death row inmate Rolando Cruz is seeking a full pardon. The family of the victim of the crime for which he was wrongfully convicted is objecting.

"In documents filed with the board, Birkett, the DuPage County state's attorney, says recent DNA testing shows more clearly than ever that Brian Dugan, not Cruz, raped Nicarico. Dugan, 46, has confessed to the crime and has said he committed it alone. Dugan has never been charged in the child's death but is serving a life term for unrelated murders."

Why is the family of the murdered little girl objecting? They cling to their belief that Cruz was somehow involved in the little girl's death.

"Cruz and two others who had been convicted of the crime sued DuPage County and settled for a total of $3.5 million. Seven prosecutors and police officers were charged with lying and making up evidence but were acquitted. "

"Stephen Pecoraro, a jailhouse informant who testified against Cruz, told the board that a detective bullied him into lying. "I thought he was guilty. Everybody told me he was. If he was guilty, he should die that's the way I feel,'' Pecoraro said. ''I tried my damnedest to get him the death penalty because I believed the police. They lied to me."

Cruz deserves his pardon. He spent 11 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. DNA evidence proved it. The cops made up his confession.

The slain girl is no longer a victim of a crime committed by Cruz. Her family in not a victim of Cruz either. We hope and urge the Pardon board and Governor Ryan to pardon Cruz.

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