A 'Best of the Left' Blog

Martin Wisse has started Progressive Gold, a weblog reprinting the best of us leftist bloggers' posts on a daily basis. He got the idea from Nathan Newman's post on Why Blogs Matter, modified it a bit, and says:

"This new weblog is a first attempt at realising his vision, though somewhat differently from what he intended (for now). What I intend to do and will invite others to join me in, is to create a daily "Best of the Progressive Blogosphere" linklist. Each entry will consist of a single paragraph from the story linked to and a link to the story. That's all. There won't be any commentary, no expounding on what's happening in the world, no big thesises. Just links to the progressive blogposts you need to read today."

We like it. Martin would like Progressive Gold to be a cooperative effort, in the spirit of Blogcritics, or more like a e-magazine. If you'd like to participate, email him at proggold.cloggie.org.

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