Gary Hart Opposes Iraq Invasion

A Pentagon plan for invading Iraq, should the new U.N. arms inspection effort fail, calls for a land, sea and air force of up to 250,000 troops. Bush has approved the plan, but not yet directed its implementation.

Gary Hart, whose name has been bandied about as one who possibly is seeking to enter the presidential race sweepstakes, which would be his first attempt at elected office since his failed 1988 bid, had this to say about the invasion of Iraq this week:

"Hart argues that a U.S. invasion of Iraq will likely result in 5,000 to 10,000 American casualties and more Middle East chaos than ever, leaving the homeland even more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. He advocates U.S.-led inspections of Iraq accompanied by powerful international military escorts to ensure compliance and the dismantling of any weapons of mass destruction."

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